Keynote ~ Workshops ~ Concurrent Options

(Keynotes may be extended or combined and made into workshops)

45 – 60 minutes; 60 – 90 minutes; Half day Seminar; Full day Seminar

Michele is an expert in many fields and focuses but her true specialty is within leadership and people management. As you’ll find with her topics below, Michele provides a wide range of insight into the different mechanics of relationships and workplace culture. She promises her audiences that they will leave her solution-driven keynotes and workshops with at least one passionate, life-transforming leadership tool. Participants will walk away with information that will change the way they seek out solutions and how to practically apply them to their job.


Your brand and how you manage relationships are tied together. By engaging the right people in the right way, you can make a big difference for you and your career.

  • Engaging the Power of Your Informal Networks
  • Winning Stakeholder Support for Your Ideas
  • Remaining Indispensable at Work: Maximizing Your Value
  • Establishing Effective Professional Relationships
  • Utilizing Your Brand Champions
  • Building & Maximizing Your Leadership Brand
  • Pitching Ideas & Getting a Yes from the C-Suite

Leadership Topics

Leveraging your strengths as a leader and recognizing your weaknesses is only a small piece of existing as a true leader. Michele’s experience as a leader and coaching leaders has provided her with a unique insight as to what you can do to improve your leadership skills.

  • Leadership Solutions to Drive Your Further in Your Career
  • Inspirational Leadership Increases Engagement
  • Portrait of a True Leader: What it Takes to Lead
  • Coaching to Inspire Higher Performance

Industry-Specific Topics

From Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) to interacting with the C-Suite, Michele covers a variety of industry-specific topics and focuses on the importance of relationship building. By fostering connections you can better present yourself and your work to the people around you.

  • Demystifying SMM: Making a Case & Selling it to the C-Suite
  • Moving from Logistics to Strategy: Developing a SMM Plan
  • Market Trends and How They Impact Business
  • Presenting Your Post-Event Report to Stakeholders
  • Prove Your ROI: Writing a Post-Conference Report