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If you want an awe-struck audience, then Michele Wierzgac is the speaker for your event! She’ll ride into your venue on her Harley Davidson in full gear and then she’ll transform before your audience into a leadership solution-finding guru!

Engaging the Power of Your Informal Networks

Networking is recognized as a major influence on one’s ability to achieve great success. The most successful people in the world possess the capability to influence and shape the opinions of others. Though important, many individuals dread this part of their profession due to the time and energy that is needed to utilize this part of the brand.  Leave this high-energy and engaging program with tips, tools and techniques that can be applied on the job immediately!

Coaching to Inspire Higher Performance

Coaches are guides on the side in helping managers and employees improve and succeed. Coaching is a method of interacting and communicating higher expectations, demonstrating respect and caring for people. With this program you will be introduced to the concepts and skills of management coaching styles that build commitment, drive employee engagement, and get results for organizations, the teams, and you.

Expert Speaker. Expert Leader.

Michele has been a member of the National Speakers Association for many years now. Working across the country to bring keynotes to audiences large and small she has had the opportunity to make an impact on diverse communities and collaborate with NSA chapters to increase her outreach and influence. Michele’s areas of expertise center around leadership and network connection. Through her various keynote topics she has been able to guide audiences through the challenges of leadership and engaging with your informal network to get more clients.

Speaker | Consultant | Educator

Michele is an experienced business leader and speaker delivering powerful programs, inspiring attendees into action. She’s an ad-hoc professor for the School of Hospitality Management at Kendall College and a frequent guest lecturer at numerous colleges. Michele is well-known for her column, “Forward Thinking”, and has been recognized by NPI as one of their top speakers.

Michele is an awesome speaker and communicator. If you are looking for a motivator and excellent speaker, Michele is your person.

Ed Mahoney

President, Event Ready

Gain fast solutions that overcome business challenges!

Create faster, more efficient ways to get better results on the job.

Walk away with a business model and process for solution-finding!


Any of these keynotes can be extended or combined and made into workshops.

Leadership Solutions From “The Lady on the Harley”©

Leadership Solutions From “The Lady on the Harley”©

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