I highly recommend Michele as a keynote speaker! She is a very enthusiastic person and encourages you to do big things in a smart way. Bevin Brillembourg, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

I have worked with Michele and she is a fantastic keynote speaker. Very energetic and knowledgeable plus a not so hidden passion for motorcycles! Tuesday Johnson-MacDonald, CMP, CMM, Aboriginal Market

Michele is a dynamic speaker. She is not a typical ‘talking head’ and is enjoyable to listen to and learn from. Michele’s ability to share her experiences enriches her message. I personally am grateful to her for mentoring me through the final stages of my business plan.  Without her I’d probably not have gotten the Certification in Meeting Management (CMM). Vanessa Kane CMP, CMM, Veterans Of Foreign Wars of the United States

Michele is an inspiration, the way she engages the whole audience in a fun interactive way is just amazing. She impacts our lives through her speaking. Loved to hear her speak. What a great learning experience. Mahesh Halkeri, Talent Hidden Canada

Michele is an awesome speaker and communicator. If you are looking for a motivator and excellent speaker Michele is your person. Ed Mahoney, President, Event Ready

Michele is the real deal! She’s gutsy and authentic. Compassionate and sincere. Michele leads with integrity! Anne Bruce, McGraw-Hill Author

I have seen Michele speak on numerous occasions. Each time, the topic was fresh, informative and entertaining. The information gleaned from each session included realistic, actionable items that I was able to utilize immediately in both my personal and professional life. To me this is a rare find. I look forward to seeing Michele speak again soon! Tom Michalisko, CMP,Visit Phoenix

Michele is a standout. Not just another consultant – she is a career-long professional. Michele has provided services to my companies in the past. In my thirty years in business I would put her in my top five consultants ever used. There are many consultants in today’s market but Michele is your choice. Sharp, comprehensive, witty and a speaker that inspires. I highly recommend you talk to Michele about how she can help your company. She will! Kevin McNulty, Sr., KMC Ventures, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of attending several sessions where Michele was the lead speaker. She held the attention of the group while focusing on the needs and goals of the session. I have also seen how others have asked Michele for advice and have leaned on her for her expertise and experience in the industry. She is always willing to give of her time and knowledge. Without question, she is one of the today’s industry leaders. Bob Kelley, CEM, CMM, Tradeshow & Event Solutions, Inc.

Michele is a person with depth of intellect, a proven leader with command of the language that holds audience’s attention and provides them meaningful ideas to ponder and challenges to embrace. She has a vast knowledge of marketing and branding which can help any diverse audience look for “answers” or paths to pursue but who come from different backgrounds. I would recommend Michele to advance any group seeking direction, passion for mission or directional purpose. An effective speaker and accomplished author, she excels. Edwin L. Griffin Jr., Texas Senator Jane Nelson Citizen Advisory Council

Through my involvement with Meeting Professionals International, I had the opportunity to work with Michele as a speaker. Her professionalism and knowledge is superior. Personally, I would recommend her for all the education sessions and retreat facilitation. Tara Torchia-Wells, The Unexpected Gift, Inc.

I had the pleasure of learning from Michele while I studied for my CMM. She thoughtfully and thoroughly delivered the content needed for the program and then she took things a step further. Her willingness to spend time with me one on one to make sure my unique business plan would fit within the requirements.  The time she spent with me was extremely valuable and help me focus. Michele is a dedicated educator and coach. The combination of the two make it easy to learn from her and implement the changes needed. JodieAnn Cady, CMP, CTA, CMM, Michigan Realtors

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Michele speak. She is an engaging, inspirational speaker who uses her own life experiences to illustrate how everyone can be a leader from riding her Harley cross country, to volunteerism, and having the courage to get out of her comfort zone to create new exciting opportunities for herself.  Because she is so “real” with her audience, she inspires others to dare to believe that they can create the opportunities they want, desire and deserve as well. And they will walk away from hearing her feeling like they just got advice from a good friend. Audrey Weidman, Over 40 Females

Michele is an exceptional facilitator. She adapts well to a variety of learning styles and preferences while engaging audiences. Jeffrey Archer, University of Chicago

Michele is, without a doubt, a leader and visionary for the meetings industry. She is an advocate for meeting planners – she’s got our backs! Tracey Smith, CMP, CMM, American Express

Michele has always been a pleasure to work with – a true professional and tremendous speaker and trainer. Colleen Deckert, CMM, CMP, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Michele facilitated the CMM program and did an excellent job of connecting with all of the attendees and building relationships with people from all over the world with ease. Her knowledge of the Meetings Industry is unmatched. While her main area of expertise is clearly marketing communications, she answered questions on every topic we asked.
Jodi Adcock, CMP, CMM, Texas Instruments

Michele Wierzgac is a knowledgeable, entertaining and talented speaker and facilitator. She is smart, real and easily approachable after she speaks. A truly genuine lady, I believe she wants nothing less than the best for you. I would hire her to speak at any of my meetings or events in a heartbeat. Jennifer McMahon-Hinz, CMM, First Protocol

Michele has the uncanny ability to develop objectives that not only meet but exceed her client’s needs. I have worked with her as a fellow facilitator, have hired her to facilitate my Board of Directors retreat when I was President of an MPI Chapter and have referred her to many of my clients when I was unavailable to work with them. She is the consummate professional. Rick Weaver, Armarion Solutions

I had the pleasure of meeting, and working with, Michele while attending the Certification in Meetings Management program. Michele was not only a great instructor, but she really connected with the class, and helped us through an intense week of heavy educational content. Michele’s industry experience, knowledge and daily practice is amazing. Michele is well respected in the industry and a pleasure to spend time with. While Michele has experience in a lot of areas, the common thread is people, she is very much a people person and it shows. Mike Burke, CMP, CEM, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

I had the pleasure of working with Michele at the Certification in Meeting Management program in Mexico. She was very flexible and welcoming while sharing valuable marketing knowledge with our group. Michele’s presentation style kept her audience focused and engaged during the entire course. She made learning fun! Lina DiMatteo, CMM, CMP, Ontario Energy Association

I was lucky enough to attend the Certification in Meeting Management program Michele facilitated and presented during. She is a fantastic representation of what is great in our industry. Not many people can keep you interested and motivated for 5 straight days, and that is exactly what Michele did. I look forward to crossing paths again with her! Erika Biddix, CMM, CMP, Biddix Meetings and Events

Michele was the facilitator and faculty member for the Certification in Meeting Management program. As the facilitator she was part coach, part cheerleader, part mentor – always there to keep the group on track. “Focus” and “strategic” were two words we heard quite a bit that week – both necessary to keep us on target. Michele also taught the Integrated Marketing Communications section – this lady lives & breathes marketing. She is fun-loving, intelligent, creative and no-nonsense all rolled into one. Carolyn Browning, CMP, CMM Meeting Needs LLC

Michele’s presentation and facilitation of the Integrated Marketing Communication program, during Certification in Meeting Management program was as memorable as it was engaging. Her creativity, enthusiasm and coaching has kept the group on task and on target. Thank you for the motivation! Mary Craig, CMM, Balboa Travel

Michele is a spectacular speaker and facilitator and an absolute pleasure to work with. We have worked together on the Certification in Meeting Management program and she has been instrumental in the continued success of the program. She is dynamic, engaging and pushes each attendee to think strategically about their marketing and business plan development. She is a rock star! Alyssa Arnold, Crow Collection of Asian Art

I was lucky enough to have Michele as one of the instructors at the CMM program in Toronto. I walked out at the end of the day with an amazing amount of important and relevant information on building a marketing plan for my new business. I spoke with many others from the class and we all agreed that we wished we could have spent more time with her. She was engaging, entertaining and obviously passionate about both the subject and helping all of us succeed with our own businesses. Jon Trask, CMP, CMM, AV For Planners

Michele recently spoke at our Certification in Meeting Management program and I was instantly drawn in and glued to her entire presentation by the simple fact that she was engaging, dynamic and clearly an expert in the field of Marketing. Ellen Boddington, CMP, CMM, Stellar Conference & Event Management Inc.

Michele is a wonderful speaker and coach. She has a very compelling story to tell and for people to learn from. Her wealth of knowledge and experience really shows and she is very approachable and also a good listener to peoples questions. Her question responses are thoughtful and insightful. I would highly recommend! Reggio Hearn, CMM, Ellen Michaels Presents

Michele has a unique way of assisting you in finding ways how to think strategically – looking at today and planning for tomorrow. Deborah Cohen, CMP, CMM, Urban League of Greater Dallas & North Central Texas

The one thing I think people will discover, when they experience one of Michele’s presentations is that they will continue to learn from her long after she has finished speaking. She has an enormous amount of knowledge and the wisdom about how to best use it. Kevin Priger, Crestline Hotels & Resorts

Michele is a dynamic and effective speaker and trainer – she is a consummate professional who understand business requirements. David Kliman, The Kliman Group


You could hire Michele every day and learn tools for success no matter what you do. I hired Michele for the Meeting Professionals International Cascadia Conference. She encouraged audience participation in her keynote and workshops and became part of the conference. I am thankful to have found Michele and will have her return for future conferences and meetings. Jennifer Cox, Evanta

Michele is the model for professionalism. She quickly identifies her audience, is able to connect and convey her message in a way that will motivate and create a sense of understanding. Michele has an instinct for connecting people together. Her reach into the business world is deep. Susie Likovic, American Family Dental

Michele is an amazing mentor and coach. She has great business sense and gives wonderful advice. Her speaking skills are impeccable and she is a wonderful resource when making business decisions. Sherie Howell, CMP, CMM, CGMP, A-S-K Associates, Inc.

I had the opportunity to partner with Michele during my tenure as President of the Southern California Chapter of Meeting Professionals International. She facilitated board meetings and brought fresh ideas to the table. Michele also presented a keynote and kept the attendees engaged. Laurel Coote, CMM, Wonder Voyage

Michele is an excellent communicator. She is organized, succinct, and has a grasp on current issues.Michele provides excellent training for those professionals looking to take the next step with their organizations. She is easy to work with and takes each commitment she makes seriously. Michele has a high standard of ethics and is a great role model. I highly recommend Michele for your next event! Hali Cooper, CMP, Meeting Expectations

Michele was the absolute perfect presenter for our very first Meeting Professionals International Atlantic Canada Chapter meeting. The half day meeting was delivered with enthusiasm, humor, and incredible knowledge. She wowed the audience during our inaugural meeting. Barbara Broome, Prince George Hotel

Michele is a talented, energetic, and dynamic speaker and facilitator. Michele has built a solid company and a great reputation, but more importantly she a great person to know. Robert Anton Franken, Strataventure LLC

I have heard Michele speak at numerous conferences and have read articles to which she contributed or wrote. She is extremely knowledgeable and I respect her opinions highly. Sharon Marsh, Medtronic

Michele is an excellent speaker mixing theory, application and activities. Holly Carson, CMP, Community Associations Institute

Michele was an interactive and enthusiastic speaker and facilitator. I would hire her again. Deborah Matteson, Brafton, Inc.

Michele – is positive and personable; captivates audience attention and involves participants in the learning process; works in partnership with planners. She has materials with content; uses facts and experience, not fluff. I highly recommend Michele and would work with her again! Sylvia Henderson, Idea Success Network

Michele has an incredible ability to get to the heart of the issue, help find solutions, and assist in the implementation of the solutions. Kathleen Zwart, Florida Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Working with entrepreneurial sales professionals looking for freedom, flexibility and unlimited earning potential. I can wholeheartedly recommend Michele to you. She prepares well, delivers enthusiastically and interactively, and follows up on her agreed actions. I know that she will make a difference to any project she is involved in. Carole McKellar CMM MA FCIPD, HelmsBriscoe

Michele is strong force and visionary in the meetings industry. Her passion for her work and education she brings to the table impact many. I am honored to know her. Sean R. Schuette, CMP, IntrinXec Management, Inc.

Michele Wierzgac is an astute businesswoman, and an excellent speaker who understands how to motivate people. She is also an outstanding brand management expert. Patty Coen, MBA, CMM, CMP, Great Chicago Events

I have worked with Michele now on two separate occasions. She facilitated two board retreats for the Southern California Chapter of Meeting Professionals Internaitonal. She provided great leadership for our business plan with her strategic thinking. She is a forward thinker, focused, and a fun person to be around. Margie Johnston, Revenue Resources

Michele has written several excellent articles for our magazines. She is a thought-provoker, an instigator, and an articulator who can pull together threads from everything from nanotechnology to strategic thinking–and make it easy to understand for the layperson. A marketing whiz, for sure, but her talents also are far-ranging and eclectic. Sue Pelletier, Penton Media

I heard Michele speak at a Meeting Professionals Int’l seminar recently, her topic was thorough and in-depth. She is a great coach and trainer! She kept everyone’s attention…I highly recommend her! Jean Travers, HelmsBriscoe

Michele is a motivational speaker who inspires her students to get out there and follow their dreams! She truly wants her students to be success stories! Michele is definitely a person to know, both educated and well-respected in her field and most of all accessible to her students. What I respect most about Michele is her availability and her radiating desire to help people reach their goals. I think that in itself sets her aside from most professors and it’s that “TLC” factor which truly makes her shine. Krista M. Kieser, Packaging Corporation of America

I was privileged to have the opportunity to have Michele as a teacher/professor at Kendall College during my hospitality sales and promotions class. Michele is an exceptionally gifted educator with real world experience that benefited the learning experience of the entire class. She is an outstanding presenter, knowledgeable about the world of business, approachable and willing to negotiate. Her feedback on my final project, a marketing plan for a hospitality business, was constructive and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Michele as an educator and as a speaker. Myles Hecimovich, School District of Waukesha